CHORIZO BRUSCHETTA (L, *)                          8,50€

Bread topped with chorizo salsa


ESCARGOTS                                                     9,80€

Garlic.-pesto (l, g) or goatcheese topping (ll, g)                                          

Roasted bread                                                                                               


SUGARSALTED ARCTIC CHAR (L, G)               11,50€

Marinated mustard seeds, pickled cucumber and dill-creme


CHANTERELLE CAPPUCINO (L, *)           9,80€/15,60€

Roasted bread



*available as gluten-free

**available as lactose-free



FRIED PIKE PERCH (L, G)                                 26,50€

Summer vegetables and lemon-butter sauce


FRIED ARCTIC CHAR (L, G)                              24,50€

Chantarelles fried in garlic and herb butter, marinated mustard seeds and pickled cucumbers


FISH DISH OF THE WEEK                                 24,00€

Weekly changing fish dish





ENTRECOTE (L, G) (FI)                                                  28,60€

200 g entrecote steak, summer vegetables and seasoned butter


BRAISED BEEF RIBS (L, G) (FI)                        24,00€

Whisky barbeque sauce, marinated red cabbage and red onions


PEPPERSTEAK (L, G) (FI)                                 36,00€

160 g beef tenderloin, Pepper-sauce seasoned with cut brandy, summer vegetables


CHICKEN SKEWER (L, G) (FI)                           19,60€

Herb and garlic marinated chicken cutlet in skewer, whisky barbeque sauce and Halloum-cheese salad


OSCAR`S BURGER (L, *) (FI)                             17,50€

200 g hamburger beef, jalapeno- mayonnaise, jalapeno-cheese, marinated red cabbage and red onion

Home made french fries and pickles mayonnaise


CELLAR`S BURGER (LL, *) (FI)                          17,50€

200 gram`s hamburger beef, Chorizo-salsa, rocket, goatcheese spread and roasted onions

Home made french fries and pickles mayonnaise




HALLOUM BURGER (L, *)                                  15,00€ 

Jalapeno mayonnaise, rocket, marinated red cabbage and red onions

Home made french fries and pickles mayonnaise



TOFU POCKETS                                                17,80€

Tofu pockets filled with chili, spinach, rice and mozzarella. Served with vegetable-noodles and chili soy sauce


VEGETABLE DISH OF THE WEEK                    17,60€

Weekly changing vegetable dish



WHITE-CHOCOLATE BROWNIE (G)                 8,50€

Home made rasberry ice cream and merinque crumbles


OSCAR`S PASTRY (L,G)                                   8,50€

Almond pastry filled with vanilla creme


VANILLA CREME BRULE (L, G)                         8,50€

Home made strawberry-rhubarb ice cream


DESSERT OF THE WEEK                                  8,50€